Freak out

Not too much but I’m moving back on campus this week. I barely have what I need (again) and I’m freaking out about school work.


  • I have two part-time jobs
  • I am taking microbiology
  • I am taking chemistry 2 (yeah it was that bad the first time)
  • I am taking photography 1 (time consuming)
  • I have to look out for freshman as a mentor

This semester is going to be a doosy.


And thus I said, I need  to pack for my camping trip. I really wanted to go to the Memphis zoo too… WHY CAN’T I BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE!?

Wait, technically I am if my sister is going to Memphis with my other friends… But I miss them terribly and would like to visit with them after their trip. D:

Any who, I was busy yesterday unpacking and hunting for bugs for a zoology assignment and considering my second minor to be photography if I could. Or thus change my entire major over to photography if I can take that class soon. YIPPEE!?

But I shall go pack, maybe eat a bit more because I keep eating like a little piglet, and watch some Harry Potter while updating my zoology lab album on Facebook.



I hope I can handle chemistry and zoology together next semester. REALLY HOPE I CAN. If I study hard enough I should be.

I’m getting my study on now by looking at the elements and my friend’s notes.

Another problem: the new general chemistry teacher is foreign. I heard that can cause problems in classes if you can’t understand your teacher. Same goes for my lab… looks like most of the grad students for lab are foreign… oh lord.



I can do this.


Just figured, ya know.

Well I have finally figured out what I’m doing over the summer:

  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • General Chemistry II
  • Microbiology

Yeah, I’m not even sure they offer those as summer courses but it looks like it might be the only way to catch up with my biology course outline. And chemistry, and trying not to waste my electives and general requirements.

And then the next summer I’d be doing physics I and II. COOL… MAYBE… I’m really distraught over this.

We’ll just see how the summer goes.