Sleep or continue working on a study guide for an exam Monday… and reading for a religions course… and semi-starting my lab reports due next Thursday… WHAT TO DO…


I feel so powerful right now. SO POWERFUL. LIKE, I COULD EAT TWENTY DOLLARS IN FOOD NOW. Or just drink coffee… yeah… coffee.


I want to hide in my room and sleep tomorrow. I don’t know how much easier it will be assisting people move in. 



So I’m just looking at random things I might apply for next summer when they become available. All focusing on animals or something of the like.

What am I going to do the rest of my life with this biology degree…

Freak out

Not too much but I’m moving back on campus this week. I barely have what I need (again) and I’m freaking out about school work.


  • I have two part-time jobs
  • I am taking microbiology
  • I am taking chemistry 2 (yeah it was that bad the first time)
  • I am taking photography 1 (time consuming)
  • I have to look out for freshman as a mentor

This semester is going to be a doosy.

Feeling sassy.

Finally went through my closet and I’m getting rid of a crap load of clothes because

  1. My chest grew (finally I might add).
  2. My waistline widened (I always complained about not having a waist but now three of my shorts aren’t fitting well. Gonna probably donate those sooner or later.)
  3. I might have bought some of them too small anyway.

It feels good I guess. Definitely need more shorts and sweaters. :3 

Cardigans wouldn’t hurt either.

And I’ve gotten over my freshman 15 shock. I AM MK AND I LOOOVE MYSELF THE WAY I AM! I just need to make sure I watch what I eat. :D

Think I’ll celebrate with an Internet raid and talking with my White Buddy!


Well now I’m in a cleaning mood. 

Just went through all my jewelry, especially my earrings because if I ever hope of letting my stretched lobes heal I don’t have that many earrings to switch around. 

Now I need to epically dust my room (tomorrow morning) and go through my closet and sort through move-out stuff and my room is set for August-May.



And thus I said, I need  to pack for my camping trip. I really wanted to go to the Memphis zoo too… WHY CAN’T I BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE!?

Wait, technically I am if my sister is going to Memphis with my other friends… But I miss them terribly and would like to visit with them after their trip. D:

Any who, I was busy yesterday unpacking and hunting for bugs for a zoology assignment and considering my second minor to be photography if I could. Or thus change my entire major over to photography if I can take that class soon. YIPPEE!?

But I shall go pack, maybe eat a bit more because I keep eating like a little piglet, and watch some Harry Potter while updating my zoology lab album on Facebook.


4.0 GPA


First semester down, few more to go.